BECOMING A POSITIVE, PIVOTAL PERSON This thought-provoking and engaging workshop will give you the tools to influence, motivate, and make a difference in others’ lives. In this workshop limited to 12 participants, you will: Identify the three keys to positively influencing others: 1) understanding human behavior, 2) being enthusiastic, and 3) creating vision, and motivating […]

Managing Stress

Managing Stress A facilitated, small group discussion that covers methods and techniques for managing stress based on your personality type. Are you feeling under emotional or mental pressure? Are you using coping techniques that will work for you based on your personality type? Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional […]


CURIOUS COMMUNICATION Learn to “foster understanding” by asking great questions and “listening backwards”. It is continually astonishing that among the earliest skills developed, communication is the skill that continues to be the number one challenge inhibiting and fragmenting relationships, whether personal or professional. Communication requires a balance of listening (backwards) and being able to express […]

Finding Your Purpose

Finding your purpose starts with finding your passion. In this small group workshop and discussion group, you will be facilitated through a model to better understand your special talents, hearts passions, skills and abilities, personality and past experiences. By identifying what is going right and wrong in your life and identifying your passions and interests, […]