CREATE! At The Carriage Shoppes brings you and your friends an elevated experience in community connection, artistic expression, and personal development.


CREATE! Is more than a physical space at THE CARRIAGE SHOPPES. It is a way to meet others with similar interests, to share stories, and get creative. CREATE! celebrates neighbors, friends, families and opens new doors in unexpected, reimagined ways.


Art and crafting classes held at CREATE! inspire you to unplug from daily stresses and distractions, meet others with similar interests and share elevated experiences in a creative, collaborative setting.

CREATE! art classes are not your average workshops. Art and crafting classes are led by expert, local artisans in their field of specialty in a fun, judgment-free social setting. Class size is limited – offering each person the space to explore their own artistic style.

Art and crafting class offerings are robust and always varied with the seasons and popular trends.


CREATE! offers personal development workshops in small group settings based on the book, Getting Into Leadership Shape by Janet McCracken Beard. If you are serious about wanting to get into leadership shape, then you will need to exercise your leadership muscles.

The small group workshops are limited to 10 people who want to train their brain and begin to create a better life. Workshops are 2 hours in length and are designed to bring about positive shifts in the quality of your life through small group learning and discussion.

Any time you are consciously making an effort to improve yourself, you are participating in personal development. The importance of personal growth cannot be understated, as it allows individuals to become the best versions of themselves, giving them the skills and confidence necessary to navigate any situation.”